Here I am at 12:39 and I cant sleep! I have done the unthinkable and taken some night-time cold medicine in the hopes of feeling sleepy within fifteen minutes.

Tomorrow is Halloween, or should I say today?. I am going out as a Gatsby Girl or flapper. It suits me because I don’t want to go out looking all slutty and everything, plus my body really cant pull it off, and I don’t want to look like everyone else. I know everyone is going to dress up like a pirate or an angel/devil. Come on get original people. But I think my costume is super cute. I found a drop waist, shift style dress at a department store for only $20.00, and I am wearing it with some stockings and high heals that I already have. I bought a 20’s inspired little hat, which is so cute, I have to find a way to wear it with my normal wardrobe. Then I bought a feather to wear in my hair and a string of pearls and called it good. The boyfriend is going as a mobster so it works out together.

Tomorrow is going to be such a crazy day. I have rehearsal from 9-1 and breakfast before that. I know, breakfast so early… why? Because its tradition, we always go to Black Bear Diner before saturday rehearsals. Then I have to run a few errands with my mom from 1-3 because we are leaving sunday morning for Chicago for a week. Then at 4 I have my first Halloween party and am leaving that at 6 to go to another one. I hope I can get ready in the hour I will have once we are done running errands.

Being a California Girl in my day-to-day life, I realized that I really dont have a wardrobe to accommodate low 40’s high 30’s weather so I need a few of the essentials like gloves and scarves etc… . But you never have everything you need when you are going on a vacation.

But I am looking forward to tomorrow and dressing up, it will be the first time in a couple of years that I am going to go out and dress up and have fun. Usually I just sit at home and hand out candy to all the kids that come by the house, while I watch Miracle on 34th street. Don’t ask me why I watch that movie, but I always have ever since I was little, so just chalk it off to my weirdness.

Well I think its time to go try to sleep… one sheep, two sheep, three sheep…