What happened, you might be asking. School happened, thats what!

I am starting a new university in January and I am going to be a commuter student, yuck. But due to the commute rather than living on campus, I am needing to take my computer back and forth to school with me most days. And unfortunately my PowerBook G4, which is shamefully 5 years old, desperately needs a new battery to continue on with its life. The lithium batter completely died on me.

So like any responsible Mac user would do I took the computer to my local Apple Store for a check up. I was informed that it was going to cost upwards of $200 dollars to replace the old battery. Now I love my Apple, don’t get me wrong. But I was thinking for probably a little bit more money I can probably get a whole new computer.

With this new idea fresh in my mind, I took my powerless PowerBook back to my house and got on the internet. I did some research into what the best computers were for Students and what specs I needed to do my Word documents and play my iTunes, and I discovered that the Netbook is all the rage for students! And that if you aren’t going into graphics that this type of Laptop is right for you.

Well I just need the internet, music, and word processing so the netbook has more whistles and bells than I could ever want. So I looked into all the netbooks out there and found the perfect one for me. It’s the HP mini 110. I just bought it yesterday and am transferring my iTunes library onto it now. The price, who can complain. For $380.00 you get this perfect little computer and for another 50 you can purchase the external optical drive, which is a must! But when I was going to invest around $250.00 into my mac that could potentially die on my tomorrow for less than double that price I have a whole new completely functioning computer.

Love Love Love!