Well today was good, I didnt have breakfast because today is Sunday and I knew I would be going out to lunch with the family. So instead of having breakfast I started painting over the stripes in my room. It took all day to re paint my room and get it all set up for my new asian/zen decor.

We went to this little Breakfast and Lunch restaurant. I had grilled cheese since they didnt have any good vegetarian options. Then when I got home I finished painting my room, which didnt happen until around 5 o’clock¬†this evening. And I went out to Michael’s to get a silk flower and some wall decorations.

My room is finished but I still have to get my dad to help me hang my large Japanese theme. That isnt going to happen until tomorrow.

Then everything I did went to pot! But it is still early and I know that the cycle has ended for the night. Which is a positive and then tomorrow is a new day! And it is monday which is always a good way to feel refreshed.


Today has sucked! My mother has gone totally off the reservation! We have been fighting all day and it really hasnt been my fault. I hate fighting with people and I am not good at it.

Everything that doesnt go how she wants it to go is because I didnt do something right. I try to talk to her about things that are going on, mainly basketball stuff, and she starts yelling at me and going crazy. I dont even know what to do.

I’m sorry mom I know your stressed out, but everyone else in the world is stressed and has stuff to do too so sorry the world¬†doesnt revolve around you today!

What a lovely day.