What happened, you might be asking. School happened, thats what!

I am starting a new university in January and I am going to be a commuter student, yuck. But due to the commute rather than living on campus, I am needing to take my computer back and forth to school with me most days. And unfortunately my PowerBook G4, which is shamefully 5 years old, desperately needs a new battery to continue on with its life. The lithium batter completely died on me.

So like any responsible Mac user would do I took the computer to my local Apple Store for a check up. I was informed that it was going to cost upwards of $200 dollars to replace the old battery. Now I love my Apple, don’t get me wrong. But I was thinking for probably a little bit more money I can probably get a whole new computer.

With this new idea fresh in my mind, I took my powerless PowerBook back to my house and got on the internet. I did some research into what the best computers were for Students and what specs I needed to do my Word documents and play my iTunes, and I discovered that the Netbook is all the rage for students! And that if you aren’t going into graphics that this type of Laptop is right for you.

Well I just need the internet, music, and word processing so the netbook has more whistles and bells than I could ever want. So I looked into all the netbooks out there and found the perfect one for me. It’s the HP mini 110. I just bought it yesterday and am transferring my iTunes library onto it now. The price, who can complain. For $380.00 you get this perfect little computer and for another 50 you can purchase the external optical drive, which is a must! But when I was going to invest around $250.00 into my mac that could potentially die on my tomorrow for less than double that price I have a whole new completely functioning computer.

Love Love Love!


Being here in my roots, Illinois, I had to visit my most favorite restaurant. It resides in the little spit of a town called Toluca, which has around 1500 residents. Half of which live in the surrounding area on farmland. But in this little town is the best Italian food probably in two counties! Thats how they measure distances out there in the corn fields. a1996e9d-94a6-56bf-958d-cd5e401cba67_preview-300

So in this little town are two restaurants; Mona’s and Capponi’s. Mona’s was open first around 50 years ago or so. It is owned by a local family and has spaghetti, lasagna, garlic bread, the list of typical Italian foods goes on, but what they are known for throughout middle america is their fried chicken. It’s hysterical. Here we go to Mona’s to get fried chicken and a side of spaghetti or tortellini.

But anyways back to the story, so this family owns this restaurant and decides to open another one. A building becomes available and they name it Capponi’s. Of course when opening a second location it will have the same menu, the same ambiance, the same everything. The only weird thing is that this second restaurant is two buildings down from the original! It cracks me up. They are never open on the same night and their menu’s are exactly the same. And it gets even better, people in the area swear the Mona’s is better than Capponi’s!

Well these two restaurants (because they are exactly the same people!) have my most favorite Italian food in the world. I love the cheese tortellini. Going to these restaurants is the highlight of every trip to the mid west, for me anyways.

I was so excited to get there on Tuesday night. We ate a Capponi’s because of course Mona’s wasnt open. I wanted to take a picture of the plate of ravioli but I was so excited to start eating it that I forgot until after my plate was half demolished the other half boxed and put in a doggy bag. I would swear the place hasnt changed a bit in my 22 years of eating there. They even still have the same water glasses.

Its places like these that keep the world simple and people content with the little things in life.

I have just been officially named the assistant coach of the junior varsity girls basketball team at my alma mater high school. Basketball has always been a pivotal part of my life. Playing from third grade all the way up to two seasons in junior college. I was decent too, everything just came together too late in my eligibility for me to continue and along with chronic injuries, my basketball career was cut short. It feels good thought to know that you could have moved on. I had offers from schools even a couple of division two universities. Knowing that you had what it takes makes the ‘letting go of the dream’ part of life easier.

I am reluctant to do this job. My dad has been on the coaching staff at my old high school since I was a freshman. He started as the assistant coach on my freshman team and after I moved up to J.V. he was head coach of the frosh team for two seasons. He loved it so much he moved up to head the J.V. team and this summer was named Head of the Girls’s Basketball Organization for the high school, which means he is the head basketball coach. I was very excited for him. I knew how much basketball meant to him and how much he wanted this chance to attempt to build a program. But I was also excited for myself. I always knew I wanted to coach, to continue to be a part of basketball. At first I wanted to assist him at the varsity level, and I still could if I wanted but some things happened to me my last season playing that effected my life so severely that I couldnt do it. As the days creeped by this summer and the season became closer and closer I knew I wasnt ready, that I was still too wounded. After all this life changing experience happened to me in February of this year, it is only October now. I wanted to back out completely. And I tried, being only 22 and attending a local university I am living at home. I talked to my parents and explained that I wasnt ready, and that this experience just needed to wait maybe a season or two until I was emotionally ready to face this type of environment and situation again. But I don’t think they really understood the seriousness of what I was saying. So I was encouraged to just do it, coach a team, it would help everyone out so much.

At this point I was slated to be the head freshman coach. This was about a month ago, and I started to have anxiety about it. Being such an integral part of a team again, being so vulnerable and at the mercy of a big group of people who can decide you are in or out in an instant. It is the pinnacle of my worst fear since the ‘insident’ on my last team. I purposely didnt get C.P.R. certified and didnt go to the coaching class trying to avoid the whole situation.

Of course it didnt work, my dad found out that you dont need the coaching class the first year your on staff and the C.P.R. class is offered all the time, I just have to get it done by the end of the pre season.

I want to coach so bad, it is such a dream for me and a perfect opportunity to get my foot in the door. It just feels like all of this is happening at the worst time. I dont feel like I am ready.


This is a blog about my experiences and a place for me to discuss things I can’t talk about with anyone in my life. I know this experience is going to be tough and there are going to be days I get to my car and cry and others where I am so unbelievably happy I cant wipe the smile off my face. These are my memoirs from court side.