So I found out today from my old trainer from college that I probably have a meniscus tear. So unfortunate and saddening. Here’s the scoop..

About a month ago I was having some pain in my right knee, which is the knee above my severely injured ankle that desperately needs surgery but I keep putting off. I started working out again with the FIRM and I was noticing that my knee was cracking a lot more and was stiff to the point of effecting my range of motion. Then after a couple of weeks it went away… for the most part.

But the last week or so I have been noticing that when I do my lunges and squats with my workout video my knee makes a very alarming and worrying crunching sound. So I decided to go see my old trainer. I havent had knee problems in my career as an athlete so I dont really know what a really bad you need to see the doctor knee pain is vs. a just push through it pain. I was expecting “Oh its nothing probably just tendonitis”. Oh boy was I wrong!

To make a long story short, I have to see my orthopedic surgeon tomorrow. This usually isnt that serious of an injury but because it is on the leg that already deals with my decrepid ankle I have to go get it taken care of seriously.

So its to the doctors office we go tomorrow! I am already anxious and dreading it. Just wait til I physically have to drive myself there and walk myself in…