I went to the doctor and he did all this crazy stuff to my knee that made it really sore. We talked about it and I did some x-rays and basically he thinks it is something like softening of the patella or a torn meniscus but…

Dont you always love the buts? But it is too inflamed right know to figure out what is actually injured in the knee and what isnt. I have too much swelling and pain in other areas of the knee from me not going to the doctor right when it happened. So for the next two weeks I am on Celebrex trying to bring down the inflammation  and then its back to the doctor to figure out the real problem.

Back to basketball. I am struggling today. In order to be a coach you have to be certified in CPR and First Aid. I missed the one they offer at the high school so I had to find another one some place near where I live. My dad, I can tell that he is a little frustrated that I don’t already have it done.

So I was online this morning trying to find a CPR class that I can take and I found some listed on the Red Cross website. I had to call my dad to find out if I just needed the CPR or if I needed the whole thing with the First Aid. He said I needed the whole thing but that I also needed to go to the Sheriffs department and get finger printed and get a TB test. This isnt that big of a deal really, but it’s that all of this is happening in the eleventh-hour. It doesnt have to be like that. I dont see why I couldnt know this like two or three weeks ago.

I just love it because if this situation was happening in reverse he would be livid! Like through the freaking roof with anger and he would belittle me and make me feel like him not having all the information was all my fault. Which is would be. But here I am and I start to sound just a little bit frustrated he breaks you down. I dont know if I can work so close to him! I just dont know.