It is 12:21 am here in my wonderful life and I am sitting here in my room at my computer and am amazed that my room is still clean…

Why is this amazing? Well I will share it with you. The cleanliness of my room, bathroom, life really, reflects the stress level of my life. When everything goes to pot like school, work, hobbies, drama, anything really, my room gets destroyed. So I am so impressed with the fact that I have been so busy and dealing with serious drama and my room is still sparkling clean.

I am OCD (or how I would like to spell it CDO) or have OCD tendencies i guess. And the only way I say my room is clean is if nothing is out-of-place. No paper, book, sock, piece of lint, anything. Nothing is out-of-place, its heaven.

We had our last Narnia rehearsal tonight and it actually went pretty well. We made it through the whole show start to finish, which is a relief. And now that for the last three days we have been going through the different scenes in order I feel pretty confident about it all. I think I need to know what the show is doing before I can get really into the part. That is probably bad but at least it comes together in the end, before the show opens.

Max is coming to the show tomorrow night which is cool. I am glad he comes. I am nervous to debut my Scottish accent to the world, but it will happen, and all I can do is hope that it goes well.

I heard the basketball team lost, bummer. But you can’t have a perfect record forever. I need to go to bed, pronto!