Today was the second day of sickness. I woke up to feel stuffy, achy, chilly, and just all in all sickly. I have been unable to decide if I am suffering from a sinus infection or a simple head cold, but the end all is the simple fact that I am sick.

I spend the whole day on the couch watching TV again, along with a couple of naps. This is a problem now for nighttime, I probably wont be able to sleep now. Around 11:00 I called my dad and asked him to run to the pharmacy for me and get some congestion medicine, cough drops, chap stick and some diet coke. Surprisingly he did it for me, and the medicine he got me works so well, I almost don’t feel sick at all when I take it.

Thanks to my Papi I was well enough after taking some medicine to get to my team’s basketball game tonight. I tried to stay for the varsity game but began feeling sick again about half way through so I left at half time. My mom went to the store and bought me some teryaki noodles for dinner, which were so good!

Hopefully I am on the back-end of this cold and will feel pretty close to 100% again tomorrow.

Between today and yesterday my mom brought all the christmas decorations out.  In two days the house has transformed into some christmas spirit. The Dicken’s Village is out and the stockings are hung. The one thing I can never get on board with is the fake tree that lives in a box in our attic, but it does look good and makes less of a mess so I can see its appeal.