Today started really well. I woke up and did a few things around the house. Then I had a lunch plan with my dad. I was feeling empty which was good so I felt like I could go with some food.

We went to this little mexican restaurant called Mi Tierra. Being a vegetarian that doesnt eat cow’s milk products, I didnt have any options that really fit the diet. So I ordered the chili relleno combination that included rice and beans.

In total I ate the whole chili relleno and all of the rice and beans. I also had a couple of chips. Then I got home and I just had a little spoon of peanut butter and a mug of hot chocolate.

This is way too much food, and it is only 1:00pm. Today is almost a failure. The only light at the end of the tunnel is that I have four hours of basketball practice tonight. I am practicing with my JV team because they asked me to last night. And I can practice with the freshman team too, maybe I can burn off a lot of the calories that I ate today.

Maybe I will do some pilates this afternoon before practice too, I dont know. I feel so gross.


Today has sucked! My mother has gone totally off the reservation! We have been fighting all day and it really hasnt been my fault. I hate fighting with people and I am not good at it.

Everything that doesnt go how she wants it to go is because I didnt do something right. I try to talk to her about things that are going on, mainly basketball stuff, and she starts yelling at me and going crazy. I dont even know what to do.

I’m sorry mom I know your stressed out, but everyone else in the world is stressed and has stuff to do too so sorry the world doesnt revolve around you today!

What a lovely day.