Today I was completely adventurous! First I took the food journal off my page! YAY, applause, clapping and screaming fans everywhere! Why? Well I have been having very un-healthy thoughts lately, like ED thoughts, and I decided to do a lot of research and create an account on, which is an affiliate.

I really like the sight. It lets you dictate a calorie intake goal for the day and then you can log all the food you consume. Plus the food database is huge, and if it doesnt have something you ate, you can add it manually including all its nutritional info, not just the calories. Then it has an activity tracker with tons of activities. It tells you based on your height and weight and age etc. how many calories you need to consume in a day to maintain and then cross references it to how many you need to burn. It is so cool. I am completely stoked!

So what did I do today, I did 40 minutes of yoga. This site got me all motivated and I have decided to try to do some sort of activity every day. Today was yoga, I feel so good and relaxed now.

The sight is so cool, it had the hatha yoga that I did and it said that if you do an hour it burns 180 calories. I only did 40 minutes and it wasnt too hard. Hello, every little bit helps.  

Oh, and caloriecount wanted a goal for when I want to lose my 25 pounds by. Which I so never thought of before. So I decided on my birthday, July 3rd. That gives me 6 months to get it done.

I have chosen to eat 1200 calories a day which would get the 25lbs lost in around 3 to 4 months, but I am accounting for some bad days and I want to have a free day every week. This way I don’t feel too deprived. I want this to become a way of life now that I am no longer an athlete and burning an average of 600 calories a day.

But anyways back to my yoga.  I am so happy I started doing it again. It was rather challenging since I am still sickly and very stuffy. The whole control your breathing thing is a little hard while coughing and trying  to breath through congestion. But I sucked on a cough drop for about half of it and was using my super cook CamelBak water bottle. Save the earth, use re-usable.  Well I’m off to shower before basketball practice and I have to go out to Best Buy to do a little recon work on my moms Netbook Christmas present.