This morning I woke up to find myself still sickly. I really wanted to wake up to feeling better and having proof that I am on the back-end of this whole viral plague situation. But after truly looking at the situation objectively and with an unbiased eye, I must conclude that I am just as sick as I was yesterday.

The good news is that I have finally decided between a simple cold and a sinus infection. It’s a head cold which is much better than a sinus infection because it requires no doctors visits or antibiotics.

So suffering from a headache and eye pain, stuffy-ness, coughing and chapped lips I have nestled myself with my computer and camera on the couch in front of the TV.

I don’t really like to talk about my “food afflictions” on this page, I keep another page to talk about my daily trials, so that people who don’t want to read about it don’t have to. But last night I came up with something new to try to lose the weight and I am trying it out today. I want to write about it here.

I decided to monitor my calories, I practically count everything I eat already so this is not that big of an undertaking. A year of Weight Watchers combined with another year or so of calorie counting does that to you. It is surprising how it becomes second nature.  But I did some research online and found out that for my height and weight and the desire to lose 25 pounds I need to consume between 1100 and 120o calories a day. I feel like now that I have a cap on my calories I will binge a lot less. Then I also decided that I can do fine not eating all day, but it will eventually lead to me over eating due to deprivation. So I am trying to eat many small meals throughout the day. I don’t get weird if I don’t eat any actual meals, i.e. breakfast, lunch or dinner. I often eat something like crackers and cheese for dinner or something that is considered a snack or side dish in place of my meal.

So with implementing this new concept I actually made myself breakfast… first in a while. I made some instant oats with vanilla flavored almond milk. I added some walnuts, dates and cranberries. It was amazing. I wont put the calories on here and will post it on my journal page, but it was a good investment of calories.

I am feeling surprisingly good about this new food outlook and adventure. Oh and cn I say how happy I am with my HP Mini Netbook?! Its fabulous, and since I am an ex-mac that is saying something. The only thing I don’t like about it is the Windows 7 Starter. I am asking for the upgrade to full Windows 7 for Christmas, we will see if Santa is good to me this year.

My cold medicine is kicking in and making me sleepy, im off for a nap.